Mr Pig is back

The rain has finally stopped and we have walked around to inspect the damage…we seem to have done OK. All over the area there are reports of landslides and floods but we have escaped any major damage. All except my veg patch which has been trampled!! Mr Pig is back and obviously fancied the look of fennel, we may have to give in and fence it, I love the idea of  our own wild pig wandering the grounds….just as long as he leaves me some mushrooms! I wonder if we have truffles hidden away anywhere?


2 responses to “Mr Pig is back

    • Rocket, lettuce, parsley and strawberries round the side and the height of the wall appears to be stopping him so far…..thank goodness! Had to defend the fig tree against the telephone engineers as well as the blackbirds two days ago! they were determined to get rid of it…..guess who won?!

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