The new machine and some wildlife troubles

We hired a fab machine today. don’t think it exists in UK, it has two wheels and a mean chopper on the front that cuts all sorts including 5 years of bramble growth! Dave has discovered that uphill works well, downhill even better though a little hairy if too steep, and across a hill….the safety cut out works when it rolls over we find!

In the meantime I have built lovely big wildlife corners with the wreckage of Dave’s cutting,

this, believe it or not, is a small compost heap!

especially as we saw our first signs of hedgehogs today- dead on the road unfortunately but that means there are more as Gill (Hedgehog Bottom) would say. Needless to say I have a feeding station out and am hoping Mr Pig is not clever enough to work out how to get in!

So we are trying to attract in wildlife that is not definitely here whilst cursing the wildlife that is already here! The red squirrels are vociferous in their scalding when I try to collect any walnuts at all, I am surprised they haven’t been down to give me a slap yet! Meanwhile the blackbirds have taken advantage of my concentration on squirrels by stealing all the remaining figs and Mr Pig has taken a liking to the compost heap which he dismantles on a nightly basis!


3 responses to “The new machine and some wildlife troubles

      • Now you’re going to have to put up a photo! Surely you shouldn’t leave us all just trying to imagine the look… Cx

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