Two days of lovely weather and we are definately making progress! We have cleared the meadow almost completely and discovered a pond at the top! George and I absolutely delighted as it means we will have much more wildlife around and of course we do not have to dig one now!  It still looks a bit rough round the edges so when we have sorted it out and put in a wildlife ramp (it is quite steep sided at the moment) I will attach a picture.

We have also made progress in the orchard- at least at ground level! The poor trees still need a lot of attention and will not produce well for a few years more I fear….we have cherries, various apples, plums, figs and walnuts. We went shopping today and my Grandmother, Adriana bought us four more, two pears and two apricots so there is a real incentive to get it sorted out now! we need to find space for the new ones.


6 responses to “progress!

  1. Just been reading your blog. Great to hear from you – it all sounds and looks like the most amazing adventure! Like the machine for brambles – can we borrow for the common? guess what it’s raning cats and dogs here! lots of love to you all Sarah, Tim and girls!

  2. Wow! We can hardly recognise the orchard the big buster machine must have been great. P.s. I still have the scar on my leg courtesy of the Ivy removal- have you managed to get rid of the remainder of the metal support yet?

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