the scirocco is back!!

For those of you who remember my slightly parched e mails of the summer….we had just started camping in June and got hit by a really strong wind which for the first night caused me to stay awake all night fearing that the tent would blow away with us in it……as it was already hot we felt like we were living in a hairdryer for 3 days! Anyway we are still here and the wind is back….as it is now September and the days are beautiful but evenings are cooler it is a very welcome wind, we ate home cooked pizza from our outside pizza oven outside and have only just come in! For those of you currently drowning in a UK September I apologise but do remind you that we had a deluge last week!

The fearsome machine goes back tomorrow and not before time! Dave and I are suffering swollen hands and are retiring to painting duties for a few days. I cleared the top meadow today then decided that I had had enough. It would make a lovely campsite (eco, of course) but that is a few years away I think. I picked apples today, which depite lack of care will freeze and go in crumbles. They are supposed to be eaters but are more like crab apples! Definately felt like Tom and Barbara at that point!


2 responses to “the scirocco is back!!

  1. How lovely to hear from you. I have been wondering, this summer, how you’ve been getting on and it’s great to hear about The Good Life. Lots of photos needed!

    • We are doing OK! I will get around to e mailing soon I promise! No orienteering here though….a couple of inactive clubs registered but no maps and a minimum of three hours drive to nearest events. I am thinking that a useful contact in the town council may be good…I could start off here with an urban map and event in the historic centre and work up from there!

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