I am glad I am not trying to break into this place! There are walnuts all up the steps from the garage and down the drive- a bit like walking on ball bearings! I think they are all the ones the squirrels have rejected and have thrown at me as I have passed. George  also has the worlds greatest collection of large sticks ready to whack anything that comes near. We will freeze in the winter due to lack of firewood but George will be able to guard our frozen bodies. The appropriately named ricci (hedgehogs!!) have started falling too……that is the name given to the shell of the sweet chestnut, of which we have many. If anyone ever thought that they might visit and run around barefoot in the summer…..forget it!  At this time of year you need boots as they will soon be ankle deep.

We have managed to collect a few walnuts though….I tried putting some on pizza the other night….perhaps sticking to the more traditional might be a good idea. I feel some gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnuts coming on!


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