Italian beaurocracy…..

view from Meletti, famous cafe of Ascoli Piceno

So…. I read all about it, I acknowledged it was possible but I never imagined the scale! Dave has told me I must be diplomatic here……but really! I went to the commune for the third time today to try to start our residency application….You can imagine that I was reasonably forthright when told that legally I could not be married to Dave because our marriage certificate was not translated officially with the correct very expensive tax stamps on it…..and apparently George cannot be our son either! You can also imagine me after five minutes argument with a man who was about to consign me to the database as MIRANDA DE CARVALHO/BRITISH CITIZEN.  He could not accept that he had made a mistake and transposed my nationality with my name. Luckily I won that particular encounter and my name remains Martine Lindsay. That is probably enough said.


3 responses to “Italian beaurocracy…..

  1. Is Beaurocracy the Italian spelling or were you so mad you forgot the English version of Bureaucracy?? This is John’s comment I wouldn’t have noticed!!

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