Mushrooms and more

Feeling slightly miffed….I know that in Inkpen at the moment  there are probably enough edible mushrooms to feed the entire village and here I am, having persuaded even Dave and George to come for a search with me occasionally, looking at a whole group of “unsures”, some pretty horrifying “do not even touch with a long stick” and three field mushrooms.  Pah. We are in quite dire need of some rain (sorry to those of you currently drowning or suffering from canal breaches) so more may come after that but I do fear that Mr Pig may have something to do with this…..

In the meantime I have shelled enough walnuts to do lunch tomorrow (gnocchi in gorgozola and walnut sauce) and have realised what good value shelled walnuts are in the supermarkets!! Never complain to Mr Waitrose about the price of walnuts…he might tell you to shell them yourselves! I  will also have a go at some walnut paste perhaps…or walnut pesto?

For those of you who were lucky enough to receive an e mail with a phone number from us…..Anna-Maria (my friend from Fermo over here) was the winner of the free lunch. Lucky really as she is probably the only one who could have made lunch in the next few weeks! Her phone call arrived about 15 seconds after the e mail had gone!


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