We have been told off. It is now October and our chestnuts will need collection. They will start falling over the next week and then we should do nothing else until they are all in. We should not be clearing gutters or, heaven forbid, digging flowerbeds. Nothing else should be allowed to distract us until they are all off the trees. Thus spoke the neighbour above us.

So, here we are with a week to finish clearing under all our trees, feeling like children having been caught bunking school! Actually we had thought that we would do what we could, but with no market for our chestnuts there was limited incentive to collect too many really. Our neighbour has a buyer who should also be happy to buy from us so now we have an incentive to get going! I sense another tiring month coming on!

Dave took me to look at second hand tractors today! Ooooooooooh the excitement.  To have a trailer with drive…or not? That appears to be the question! I still think we would be better off with a donkey.


2 responses to “CHESTNUTS

  1. I hope the neighbours are friendly with the bossiness! But it would be exciting to get your first earnings from the produce?
    I hope the colour of the tractors was taken into consideration… It’s clearly the most important factor in the decision-making.

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