more chestnuts…

picking up chestnuts

I promise I won’t go on…it could get dull after all…we are up to about ten kilos a day and there are still masses up there! I think I am a bit scared of the wind blowing now, it is like being in a war zone Dave tells me!! We have even got George picking up by promising to pay him for what he picks! We have also discovered that the ones eaten very precisely are not eaten by squirrels but by Mr Pig (and his family I think!). It seems that squirrels, for some very odd reason, don’t go for chestnuts…this is what our neighbour tells us but I am certain that my mother would disagree! I find it hard to believe that the pigs don’t just chomp the whole thing, perhaps my neighbour is not as serious as I first thought. Dave put some chestnuts into tonights supper- mixing it with potato for a topping to a vegetable pie, jolly tasty!


2 responses to “more chestnuts…

  1. Dying to hear what you are going to do with your several hundred kilos of chestnuts! I have visions of Dave flogging them off by the half kilo on Saturday mornings in hill top town car parks…!

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