working towards eco living…

Those of you who have visited will know that we have a rather heath robinson (where exactly does that saying come from?) arrangement for hot water and heating. For heating read “if it’s cold light a fire but tough if you want to go anywhere else in the house” and for water….well, only one person can shower at once and no one else can even look at a tap or the pressure goes down too much to allow a shower. And the water heaters are sooooooooo attractive!

Anyway, we have just agreed a new thermocamino which will heat the room it is in and run the heating and hot water. It will run on wood, of which we have a small amount (!) with a back up of wood pellets. In addition we have also made the first steps towards our solar panels which will run all the electricity, including the dreaded water heaters in the summer (unless we can find electric showers over here which would be way better). It feels SO good to be able to say that we will not need to buy any gas or oil and our electricity costs will be lower too!

SO! For those of you visiting us over the winter, fear not, you will not freeze.  AND you may have hot showers too. AND George is very happy because he may be allowed to have a bath for the first time since leaving UK!


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