That was the call that made my husband move faster than I have ever seen him move before! He would have given Usain Bolt a decent race over about 20 metres. We were out collecting chestnuts (what else?) and George had clambered onto a log which traps lots of nuts and……..SNAKE!!!  It was only little, we stopped to watch it move around the log and drop down to the ground where it slid off to hide in the long grass.George amazed by it’s tongue flashing in and out, Dave and I desperately trying to memorise it’s markings etc for later identification. We think either smooth snake or southern smooth snake, neither of which are poisonous.  We did find out, however, that virtually all snakes have a melanistic form which means that there are times that it is impossible to differentiate between an adder (asp viper, poisonous) and a grass snake. HMMMMMMMMM.  PS no pictures – sorry!

It should be noted that the husband (me) was moving at speed towards the snake and George  – not away as my wife implied.  David.


One response to “SNAKE!!!

  1. I would like to have been there to see that! Do they have Pit Vipers in Italy?? They have bears and wolves in the Mt Sibilini I understand – whatever will you find next…?!!

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