Welcome to the new Il Roccolo hip and thigh diet. Proven to work. 100% success rate. One very satisfied customer from the one who has tried it so far. This new wonder diet is available only in the month of October and will be repeated every October for those who missed it this year.

Here’s the deal; you come out here, we feed you healthy Italian food and you walk around the land picking up chestnuts for a week or so. Some raking and ivy pulling can also be included if you so desire. Guaranteed thinner thighs! They might ache a bit too…oh and there is also the danger of back ache but there is a qualified masseuse on site. That is not helping me much of course…..


4 responses to “DIET.

  1. Sounds like a plan, alhough with all of this cycling that we are doing back here in Inkpen, by next October our thighs will already be on pretty good form (I hope). It’s the lure of food that appeals to me, and seeing you, of course x

  2. You missed the bit about sprint training for conditioning…you know, the 20m dash when the snake appears. Just think how good that is for your heart!! Well, I’m ready to sign up – just looking for the clause in the contract that guarantees a minimum temperature and number of hours of sunshine!

    Just think how much money you could save the NHS by taking groups of obese people and Dave beasting them RLC-style up and down the slopes. Then returning those that survive back to the UK in a far better state of health!

    It’ll never catch on, far too sensible!

  3. I just forgot to tell you something important. It is true that your diet works, since I came to visit you I’ve lost three kilos, not bad at all, and I am still losing weight. Thanks, Martine!

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