and life goes on…

Our last chestnut pick up was yesterday. Now it’s up to us to eat/dispose of any more that come down! Quite tempted to leave them for  Mr Pig and the squirrels as we have plenty in the freezer already. I wonder if they like kiwis too? We have a large number due to ripen over the next few weeks and no buyer as yet! We will turn green and seedy if we eat them all!

Dave and I did not know what to do with ourselves this morning! So we cleared a gutter, did a bit of wood cutting and started clearing the ivy from the rocks and tree where we think George’s tree house might go. He has finally accepted that six storeys may be asking a bit too much so he says he is happy with two but there are to be rope ladders and bridges and multiple access routes. At least this way it can be built bit by bit I suppose!

Lovely big toad in the ivy pile (that we are clearing out) so moved him to the compost heap. Hopefully he will help keep the pesky pests off my veg garden!


6 responses to “and life goes on…

  1. Intrigued – how many Kgs of chestnuts did you crop this year?? We are also keen to hear how the holiday home is coming on? I’m missing the sun here – it’s been low level mist and drizzle all day across southern UK and possibly for the rest of the week until a cold northerly sets in at the weekend. Just in time for the clocks to go back – nice! Thoughts turn to where the next fix of sun is coming from and returning to Le Marche come high on the list!!

  2. Is George intending to rent out rooms in his tree house and earn himself some money? Perhaps that’s the idea behind him wanting 6 storeys.

    • Do you know, that is not such a bad idea! In marketing they whitter on about unique selling points….perhaps tree house rooms should be ours! I have to say though that I am not sure my delightful 7 year old is up to sharing at the moment!

  3. Hi Martina, Row sent me your blog and I just wondered if your door & empty roof space could be used for drying chestnuts, in Emilia, the chestnuts are dried, ground into flour & used in lots of recipes?

    • Hello! Lovely to hear from you and what a good idea! Each area of Italy is SO traditional in what they will do with their produce and hence no one has mentioned drying…yet it is obviously such a good idea! Here they eat them fresh or go through some terribly complicated system of soaking and drying that made me lose the will to live half way through the explanation! We froze quite a few which has been partly successful but I will try drying and grinding to flour this year and let you know how it works! Love Mxx

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