With a frost warning appearing on the local forecast last week and the daughter of the former owner of the house on the phone checking we were on the case we decided the kiwis would have to come in. It started well with all three of us picking at speed from the vine and quickly learning to reject the smaller ones for fear of drowning under kiwis. Then I went up the walnut tree to cut the vine down from there and grab a few more good sized fruit.

Martine up the walnut tree pruning the kiwi vine.

Then onto the roof of the bungalow to cut it out of the chimney (and to investigate the random door on the roof….which opens into an empty roof space-not sure if I was glad or disappointed!).

Then we realised it was twenty metres up the pine tree and half way down the hill to Ascoli. Pruning has started! Hopefully by next year we will have a smaller vine, bigger fruit and a pine tree recognisable as a pine tree.


7 responses to “Kiwis

  1. I was tempted to ring up TNT and ask them whether they could ship two boxes of Kiwis home from Ascoli Piceno! First flurries of snow seen here on Friday and frosts too. Bbrrrr, anyone swap NE Hampshire for Italy or Southern France??!

    • Frosts here too!! I took George down to school this morning, rounded a corner to see Monte Vettore covered in snow! and not just the peak either! When we were camping in Montegallo, on the side of Vettore, in the summer I wished we had found a house there as I really liked it. This morning I was very glad we hadn’t! The sun was still out here but it was cold and we had lost some higher up kiwis to the cold. This evening is colder and we have consigned the rest to the birds. I have managed to cut all the vine away from the power lines but the pine tree is still not looking very pine like! That will have to wait a bit now!

  2. Halloween here tonight and already the children are building up to the evening. We’ve already had a flurry of pumpkin carving with various results compared, contrasted and voted on in Facebook! The boys and I were cheated; victory snatched from us by an unfairly ageist population on Facebook. Honestly, who would vote for a cat’s face over a carefully sculpted Angry Bird….?!! Seems the majority of Char’s friends who voted have no idea what an Angry Bird is and merely saw a curiously odd looking Blue Tit with attitude. I’m sure Leonardo felt the same at times!

    So, what do the Italians do on All Hallows Eve? Are you set to repel the wandering un-dead from your gates? Will ghostly apparitions drift slowly down through your orchard and surround the house in an orgy of screaming and horror? Or will you light the fire and watch a DVD, thankful that the local comp isn’t knocking on your door to demand money with menaces?

    • I am sorry Julian! Only just got to this one! Definately no menace up here! Even the ghosts can,t be bothered! We are far too far up the mountain and are we sorry?! DVD was watched in peace and entire quiet.

  3. Ciao!, so happy to be able to read your news! David, what about sending me a good shoot of a group of chestnuts amongst their leaves so that I can put them in my website? A bit too late?
    Have you found any mushrooms?
    Ciao, ragazzi, don’t get too tired, love to the three of you. Nonna Adriana

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