Still here!

A quiz for you all, answer at the bottom of the page….

The image above was taken on our walk on Thursday, would you walk on it or not?

We are still here! Most of our week went past sitting in various offices trying to find a way to jump through the various hoops required to become residents. We made it and are now not only officially resident but also have medical cover. I should write a guide to the process so that anyone trying the same in future can do it without going through what we went through. I imagine that it has been done a few times but that there is a secret department in the Italian government that destroys all clearly written guidelines to discourage future applications. AND…….as I feared, I was still on the computer as British citizen Miranda de Carvalho. This has now been rectified thank goodness and I am allowed once more to refer to myself as Martine.

On Thursday we decided to visit a gorge that divides our mountain from the next one, the Gola di Salinello. It was a lovely afternoon and the gorge was deserted. Because of it’s geography it has no roads nearby and it was silent apart from the wind, water and the birds. We heard peregrine falcons but there are reputedly golden eagles there too. There are some pictures on the “reasons to come and stay” page. There are various caves along the route, some easier than others to reach. Even George was enthusiastic about it! A week ago the mountains were still green but now they are a riot of autumn colour – extraordinarily bright oranges and reds mainly and the gorge was beautiful!

It is leaves on water, about calf deep. Martine nearly stepped and found a well placed rock instead, george avoided a couple of times then went in….Dave and I rolled about with laughter!


8 responses to “Still here!

  1. Your picture looks like leaves lying on a gentle stream – I wouldn’t walk on them without closer inspection, but Henry Arthur and Iona wouldn’t give it another thought, but then neither would they worry about being wet up to their waist afterwards either!
    I presume you have heard that bears and wolves are also about, having made their way north into Abruzzo? That should make your walks in the Sibilini Park interesting!! Do you think that might account for the absence of everyone and everything as you went on your walk?

    Bonfire night (again) for us last night. Having had the first last weekend our village was somewhat behind the curve and a week late. We were with some Americans and their question was “what can’t you have these celebrations in the summer?” I guess with Independence Day on 4th July they have a point! Is there a National Day in Italy, or a Marche Day for you? I’ll bet it’s not in November if there is?!

    Did you have anything passing for Armistice Day? As WWI allies it would be nice to know whether the Italians remember as we do. Henry trooped the Beaver flag; Iona laid the cubs wreath and Arthur was plucked from the crowd to lay a wreath as the youngest there!

    • Ahhh yes, the wolves and bears. They are also reputedly there….George nearly refused to enter the gorge because of an information sign about wolves!!!! Maybe he had good reason!
      We were going to have bonfire night tonight and burn some of the ivy and brambles but it rained and we retired inside! Dave observed the 2 minutes silence…nearly stood to attention but not quite! They have Armed Forces day here on the 4 November which is celebrated….Meletti was all red white and green for the run up. The weather here wasn’t bad though! The national day is 25 April which celebrates the beginning of the republic.I’ll let you know about that one later! All the big festivals are based around food or 15 August and tend to be summer and autumn based…..hope that helps!

  2. Thank you for that, really interesting stuff. Bet you didn’t miss the obligatory officer’s mess curry lunch and three line whip to stand in the rain! I think between all four of us we have done enough of that to last several lifetimes!

    It sounds as though it must be bonfire night every week at the moment on your estate !

  3. No….a vegetarian thing. i used to dread curry lunches! Not sure which was worse, the curried eggs or the fact that some non veggie would always get there first! The number of times I had onion bahjee and rice for lunch doesn’t bear remembering!

  4. Oh, I see – of course, silly me!! That was the Army for you; always someone ready to pinch your reserved or specially prepared meal! I grew up on a staple diet of Officer’s Mess curry lunches and I cannot remember a vegetarian option ever being offered! Too far outside their comfort zone I suggest. Wonder what the Italian military equivalent is…?!!

  5. I remembering being caught out at Sandhurst at a curry lunch! I tried to have some and then was reminded by the staff serving that I had claimed to be a vegetarian! At which point I just said that I wanted the sauce!!

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