I learnt to use the chainsaw today! Cool but a bit scary. Lots of wood cut and as we have had a few days sun, all dry and ready to burn. Dave still whittering about tractors to bring the wood down…..but he is doing such a good job anyway I can’t see why a tractor is needed!

While we were up the hill I found that hunters have re cut the fence we mended. We debated best course of action, went straight out to buy some private property signs, put them up, mended the fence (leaving Mr Pig his entrance of course), decided against barbed wire and moved the compost heap in front of the repair instead. That should do the job!! Good old fashioned deterrent! Mr Pig will love it and the hunters will decide to go elsewhere!

George took the photo used as header…..good eh? He took a lovely one of Dave and some great views….my portrait was less endearing however, of my (trousered) bottom! Needless to say it has been deleted!


One response to “monday

  1. I was with another friend today who bought a farm in Cornwall last year – and he’s just bought a brand new John Deere. Very impressive – you have to have one!! Perhaps 2/3 size to navigate your steep paths, but what fun!!

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