Snow on Sunday

Day in the Snow

Day in the Snow

Yes its true today we went for a brief stroll and had a snowball fight!!!  The last few days have seen the temperatures drop slightly (thankfully just after the new heater had finished being installed) and the tops of the mountains received their first splattering of snow.  As a result we decided to head up the mountain in the bright sunshine to hunt out the cold, wet stuff.  We were not to be dissappointed finding a sufficient amount to throw at each other at the top of Le Tre Caciare, although Martine did pretend not to get involved in such childlike behaviour (until she had found a plentiful supply of snow) lulling George and I into a false sense of security.  We have now been informed (through our local informant network) that winter is about to start properly with temperatures dropping to more realistic figures for this time of year.  I should think so too having purchased winter tyres three weeks ago in accordance with the local law and then driven on them in temperatures averaging 15 degrees centigrade, I think snow chains next year until the first frosts arrive.  Well with the weather changing, it is now time to turn our attentions to working on the bungalow and getting that into some sembalance of order.  Having taken the opportunity to revise my plastering knowledge when the builders were in, I feel ready to go solo (but on a small wall first).


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