Inverno e arrivato

Il Roccolo in the Snow

Il Roccolo in the Snow

Winter has arrived.  Well, after the weekend’s excitement of going up the mountain to find snow, we now have it delivered to our door.  We awoke this morning to find that it had snowed last night leaving us a nice covering of snow and some pretty dodgy icy patches (which I discovered as I drove George to school and I know it is nothing compared to Canada should my distant relations think I whinging too much!!).  George was well impressed and couldn’t wait to get home so he could have a snowball fight, ganging up with his friend on me.  Having survived this onslaught, Martine and I then spent the late afternoon moving the 70 bags of heating pellets that were dropped on our doorstep, stacking them into their right place (I may have been away from the Army for 6 months but you never forget the basics and importance of stacking once learnt).  It should also be noted that last night Martine managed to persuade one of the cats that staying indoors in the warmth was much better than living outside in the cold, a major step forward to her planned animal menagerie.


2 responses to “Inverno e arrivato

  1. Great news – it’s not just us with the snow then! Difference is I don’t suppose that all your rail infrastructure collapsed at the first sign of an overnight frost! I returned to Waterloo yesterday evening to discover that there were hardly any trains. Apparently they were in danger of getting frostbite so were left in their warm sheds.

    Pleased to hear that your stacking skills haven’t deserted you. Similarly, I was asked to go flying last weekend in a friend’s helicopter – great fun and thankfully no problems remembering it all! Now if only I could convince him to let me borrow it, I could fly out to see you. With a slow cruise speed of 50kts it might take a while, even in a straight line and I would have to fly round the Alps. If you have a moment on Google, look up a Hiller 12. 1956 – older than the AAC!!

    So how much snow do you expect to fall over the next couple of months? Will you be 6ft deep (sorry, 1.8m) in the stuff, or does it stay quite light half way down the mountain? And I thought the thick walls in your house were primarily for cooling, with a secondary role as earthquake protection!

    We look forward to hearing more about your plans for the cottage/villa and seeing it transform.

    Now about that tractor…..

    Love from us all,

    J etc xx

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