Adventure Weekend

The planned weekend up in Milan was rather scuppered when we did a final check on the weather conditions for the journey and found that most of it would be spent driving through snow and sleet.  As a result we selected the safer if not bolder option of staying at home, which proved to be a sound move.  A bitterly cold saturday was spent stocking up on wood for the fires and searching down a christmas tree from our own estate.  During this search George spotted a deer running around the woods at the top of the estate (another animal to add to our list of wildlife).  It was quite a large animal which disappeared extremely quickly for its size.  Our attempt to track it was foiled by the rantings of a loud boy who shows no potential to be a tracker despite his ability to spot wildlife.  We did discover the christmas tree in the end (a rather large tree) much to Martine’s delight as it was part of a tree that we needed to cut anyway to enhance our view.

George assembling the tree

We awoke to a good layer of snow this morning which resulted in a morning’s sledging down the slopes at the top end of the garden.  We decided the slopes near the house had too many obstacles and steep finishes even for an adventure weekend.

Martine shows her competative side

Martine shows her competative side


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