Spot the Difference

It seems it takes a friend to visit to get us organised and out being active again, so please keep coming as there is still so much to do. Thanks to Catherine’s visit last weekend we have now made some notable progress with the taking down of the Ivy and frame at the front of the house that Sonya started so long ago. After a quick trip to the DIY shop to purchase yet another power tool (an angle grinder – yipee), it was time to tackle the metal frame holding it all together and the Ivy that had decided to start growing again. After a few faltering starts dodging the metal shards and a quick change into a jacket with a little more protection than that offered by a fleece, we were away cutting and sawing to our hearts content. The result is there for all to see and yes I know it is not completely finished yet but I now need to dig out the roots and concrete – another tool possibly a JCB!!! if I can’ get a tractor.

As left by the Donohoe's

As left by the Donohoe’s


As left by Dave – note pile of tools!!!

We have also managed to rid ourselves of some of the greenery that has been building up over the past few months. A small fire was what was needed and it took just over three minutes before the Police helicopter was overhead checking to see what was happening (first one I have seen since we arrived so dont know where it was hiding to appear so soon!!!). Unfortunately because of the frozen ground we never managed to get rid of the big pile in the hollow that John so kindly created in the summer.  Maybe next time unless a nasty letter turns up from the Commune (council) about forest fires.  And for those waiting in anticipation of news about the small bungalow (La Casseta), we have now been given the plans by the architect but need to do a bit of groundwork looking out tiles, doors, windows etc, things being done differently over here.  More to follow shortly.


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