Rifugio Paci

Yesterday we walked up to Rifugio Paci. This is the Ascoli Piceno mountain refuge a few kilometres up the mountain from us where they do a jolly good lunch (and accomodation if you then need it!) It took us just over an hour to walk up there through woodland and alpine pasture with the odd glorious view. See the header. Yet again I find myself needing to spend more time exploring the other paths we keep going past.Lunch came in a substantial taster menu format…about 10 courses…and of course we all ate too much! Salami and caciotta cheese with honey, spicy lentils, lasagne, spinach and ricotta ravioli, fritto misto Ascolano, polenta rifatta….The food is fantastic- even George and William surpassed themselves! Luckily we had opted for walking as we all needed the walk back down again to work off a few calories. I have included a link to the website of Rifugio Paci if anyone would like a look.


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