A warm week

The past week has been unseasonably warm, Solange and James had hoped for skiing but it was not to be. We had a lovely week out walking in the sun, eating, drinking prosecco and visiting places. Dave and James, after extensive taste tests have decided that the best Olive Ascolane are those made by our local pasta maker “MADIA” on Via Napoli followed by those at Meletti. Worryingly, we are now recognised at Meletti!
So warm has it been, that Dave was out working in a tee shirt yesterday and I was tempted into buying lavender and fruit bushes today. There is a rather lovely witch hazel flowering outside the back door too…but this weekend the cold is due back so we are sorting out our firewood at high speed!
We also owe a huge thank you to James, who has set up our new website for us. For now it is largely based on this blog but we are adding content day by day and it will be the place to go to book accomodation here as it is ready. We are hoping to get La Casetta open for this summer (6 people max) followed by the campsite next year and the smaller house (yet to be named, 4 people max) the following year.


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