la Casetta

We have got down to work on la Casetta. We have sent off a list of work to the architect for quotes and started clearing the jungle from the garden behind. This includes a jungle of wire! It already looks better and as soon as the weather warms a little we will build the patio area and walling to surround it. Then I can get planting! hooray!

The header image is a rather lovely witch hazel outside the back door – living proof that my habit of not cutting anything down until you know what it is works..we nearly cut this one down as it was a bit strangled and glad it stayed! It smells divine!

We have also finally got rid of the last of the ivy at the front of our house! It took two days and some wear on the clutch of the volvo but we managed in the end. Unfortunately we are unable to get rid of the telegraph post too. The squirrels would have been most put out to have lost their arial walkway. I have planted some madagascar jasmine at it’s base which will at least make it smell nice if nothing else.


Not sure if it looks any better in these pictures…honestly, it’s a huge improvement!!!

Today was a day off…..but I got bored and decided to start clearing around the pond. It will be a lovely area eventually but the water appears to be almost oil coloured at the moment….anyone got any ideas? We are looking at putting in a solar powered pump to try to move the water a little that might discourage mosquitos breeding and help a little. After that I am not sure.


One response to “la Casetta

  1. A very nice looking pylon pole I reckon! I feel vaguely territorial about it having learned to use the chainsaw during the process of uncovering it! Cx

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