Winter again.

On Thursday morning we worked out in the garden in T shirts clearing an area for the summer veg garden. On Thursday afternoon it was getting a bit chilly so we retired inside. On Friday morning we had half a metre of snow and we could not get George down to Ascoli for school! Down in the valley ( where Ascoli Piceno lies) they could not understand why George was not in because they had not even had ONE centimetre of snow! “Just a bit of rain” We have lost four or five trees at least and had to do some emergency felling this morning to stop one of our trees falling onto the road. It was absolutely icy this morning when Dave took these pictures but now it is melting so fast that it might as well be raining! Tomorrow they predict 12 degrees!  Mad, mad weather.

And…Happy Birthday to Char!

DSC_0495   DSCF1412


2 responses to “Winter again.

  1. We built a snowman (called Eric) on Sunday in our back garden. With half a metre of snow he’d have been a lot bigger though!

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