We have just spent the weekend in Rome, a rest from the ivy and bramble bashing. We ate well, slept well, paid a flying visit to various sights in Rome and went to watch Italy v France at the olympic stadium. What a match! The atmosphere was amazing and got more so as the match went on and it looked increasingly like Italy would win for a second time at home against France. Even George was waving his flag like a lunatic and leaping up and down on his chair! WE WON! and sorry to all of you in my home country but I will be supporting Italy in ALL matches from now on!! Dave and George have nailed their colours to the other post and we will have to cease speaking temporarily for all future matches. Oh, and as the tickets are much more reasonably priced over here I would suggest that a trip to Rome may be a cheaper option for watching six nations matches than trying to get to Twickenham…and it is easier to get tickets if you contact your in country contacts!!

DSCF1438     DSCF1439

Yes, we are aware we look like idiots…but 75% of the stadium was wearing them and we fitted in nicely!! Better than the berets with pink pom poms in the background!!

The olympic area of Rome is really quite impressive too. Built by Mussolini, it is quite a surprise to see it still standing but I’m glad it is as it is a great facility and has a good atmosphere….it also has an athletics track surrounded by sculptures of athletes in the Greek style and a backdrop of those wonderful rounded pines that they grow so well around Rome. The forecast rain stayed away so we had a lovely sunny weekend – only to get back here to snow again!



2 responses to “RUGBY

  1. What a great report on visiting the game, thank you for that. I was sorely tempted to go to Twickenham as I was offered a hospitality ticket, but having also been offered 4 days skiing in France opted for the latter! In anticipation of visiting you again I thought I would be better served by learning to snowboard than watch England beat Scotland – a victory which George and Dave must have enjoyed!

    I guess the only question is by how much England will beat Italy….?!!

    Oh, and the snowboarding – awesome! 3 days and I managed a blue run from the top of the mountain down, so I can’t wait to return to the slopes. Skis – pah, never again!!!

  2. England beat Italy?! I wouldn’t be so sure after Sunday! I think there may be some faintly worried faces around the six nations after that game- France are just relieved they have got it over and done with!
    And as for snowboarding! Two problems…you will have to visit us when there is snow rather than heat and sun and you will have to go to a different slope from me, as a smooth skiing Italy supporter I can’t be seen with a snowboarding England supporter!! (we did ski the other day on our”local” slope, Monte Piselli, I’ll write about it soon- it was fab!)

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