All in a day’s work…

Well! that works out nicely! We take George to the school bus each day at 7.30, sit down for a second cup of coffee and decide what to tackle for the day, a decision that is almost entirely based on the weather. Even now we live here, I cannot bring myself to go into town or shop on sunny days so, as you can imagine, not much admin gets done round here! Anyway, on this particular day the weather was spectacular so we decided, purely so we can inform future guests of course, to check out the skiing on Monte Piselli. We were up there ready to go as the lifts opened at nine, having bought a morning ticket that finished at 12.30. A lot of runs, a coffee and a cake and some aching legs later we got back in the car, drove home and got lunch sorted before picking George up from the bus. The area is only 20 minutes drive from here and only has 3 runs served by a lift ( though I then skiied down to the next village where Dave picked me up on the way down and that is a good couple of kilometres of skiing)but it was lovely and really good to get out into the real mountain air. And because it is a small area the price of a ticket is very reasonable! We may be visiting more often!


2 responses to “All in a day’s work…

  1. Wow, sounds fantastic and a lot cheaper than La Clusaz last week. I can’t imagine, though, that there are many ski-hire shops in Ascoli?!! Sounds as though I may have to buy some snowboarding kit…!

    So, you suggest Ryan to Ancona, hire a Panda 4×4 and head for the slopes chez nous…perfect. I’m already costing a weekend break.


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