Snow, Sand and Pizza

So another week has passed with Caroline, Geoff, Ainsley and Bronwyn visiting.  Our initial concerns about the weather(nothing worse than coming from the rain of the UK to the rain of Italy) proved to be unfounded as we were treated to some glorious sunshine for the majority of the week.  I say majority as we did encounter a snowstorm on the last day as we drove back from a visit to Norcia which had us wondering whether we would be getting home at all and whether Caroline and Geoff would be getting to the airport to go home.  With George at school in the mornings we ran an afternoon programme that saw us sledging in some great snow up at San Giacomo one day,

DSC_0522 DSC_0527

spending an afternoon on the beach the next,

I did'nt say it was hot

then visiting the castle at Civitella the next.


In between all this we managed to get the pizza oven up and running and even managed to do two rounds without burning any or losing heat then, being really eco minded, cooked our first loaf of bread the next morning as the oven was still warm enough.  Now looking forward to the summer when the pizza oven takes over as the primary cooker.

Martine bakes the first loaf

Our  work on Le Stalle (new name for the second house given it was once a stable) has taken a backseat.  We have had the builders round twice to look at the work that needs doing and have had the universal shrug of shoulders and sucking of teeth as they have surveyed the project.  The building work seems to be easy as do the electrics, unfortunately the water is another story as all the piping seems to be hidden under the floor.   The problem worsened when we lost water in the main house following the plumbers visit as he had switched off a tap in Le Stalle telling us it shouldn’t be on if the house was unoccupied. We then discovered that it controls the water across in our house.  This has now resulted in a complete rethink of the water issue as the pipes will need to be redirected – we now wait for the quote, £££££.

On the outside Martine was quick to put our guests to work (as you would expect), clearing more ivy up near the tractor shed/donkey stable (still no decision here), and marking out the new wooden fence line.  Guess it will be me doing the hard labour of putting the fences in given we have no more friends programmed until June. Anyone fancy a visit and some fencebuilding?


5 responses to “Snow, Sand and Pizza

  1. Not at all sure I like this indecision about tractor or donkey – I’m rather banking on having a John Deere to help with all the jobs in May/June when we come out…..!

    • When are Mabel’s puppies due? Although I am 100% certain that there will still be some work to do whenever it is!!
      And the tractor/ donkey argument is due to run and run! The only compromise possible at the moment is to get neither and have goats instead….though I am not sure that solves anything at all!!
      They may also both be replaced by a 4×4 after our aboetive attempts to get up the mountain today to go skiing!

  2. SO you have had more snow! – Geoff managed to get our panda up that mountain – don’t you have snow chains?? – hope you have finished getting the Ivy down.
    I saw your Mum and Tony on Sunday morning – really lovely to see them and play in the sand and climb and meet the friendly chicken – hoping to catch up for lunch at ours when George is over??
    Have made Marmalade – still eating yours though!
    Hope to see some of you in June xx Caroline

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