Prepare to be scared…


Finally I have managed to sneak up on our two adopted cats….half wild, it was very difficult to catch them on film. Against the odds, I have managed and here they are in a typically wild pose…asleep on George’s bed, just after having washed each other and having just managed to catch a tin of cat food in the kitchen.


5 responses to “Prepare to be scared…

    • Noooooooo… I think they have decided the wild life was a little over rated! They stayed living out until winter arrived then very quickly decided we were OK and moved in! They have taken to staying out all night, coming in for breakfast and retiring to bed for the day, inside if the weather is dull, outside with us if it is sunny. Perhaps they are teenagers! Ecologically it is a disaster but they are not bringing in any bodies so I blindly hope that they are not decimating the wildlife every night!
      How is your wildlife? And no, I don’t mean Louis! Love to you all.

  1. Our third cat, a tailess steroidal looking wildcat (possibly father of our two “indoor” cats) who we feed outside the house, walked in this morning , wandered upstairs and had a look around. This is not the plan! He is supposed to be keeping rats outside in check, not becoming a big softy like the other two!

  2. Oh dear sound like your turning into a mad cat woman…:).
    On the wildlife front spring sprung for one day only last week and this weekend we had a load of snow and have now been told spring will be a month late… ARHHH

    I’ve got a shed full of hogs all sleeping thankfully, but have seen hog poo in the garden so there is life out there…also pulled back a log near the pond to find 3 baby newts.. very chuffed with that…but got a telling off by Ed for disturbing them (hopefully i didn’t).

    Hope your all really well

    Loupekine- hing family xx

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