Mountain rescue day

George and I spent today at Forca Canapine with the club alpino italiano (CAI) learning about mountain rescue. Whilst I (as boring old adult) spent a long time watching, George got to dig out igloos, rescue trapped beachballs from fake avalanches (no one brave enough to volunteer to be buried!) and rescue people on ski stretchers. He even got a ride on a rescue skidoo!!! How excited was he after that one!? We have both come home rather rosy cheeked and quite tired!

AND… What a rugby match!! In my opinion it would have been even better if Italy had won  but will teach England to underestimate anyone again I hope! Italy played like heroes and deserved a win. Can’t wait to see next year’s match here in Rome- even if I have to sit seperately from Dave and George!!


2 responses to “Mountain rescue day

  1. I’m very envious – sounds like a marvellous day of fun (for George even if not for Martine!)…

    • Will send you the photo of George on the skiddoo…he loved it! Weather definately taken a turn for the better here so we are cheerful…builders start next week so it is looking like we may have some business this summer…depending on our marketing of course! Hope all well with you both Love Martine xxxx

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