Builders are in

Well hurrah I hear you all say as we have finally started the structural work on La Stalla.  Yes the builders arrived at 0745hrs this morning to start work.  I say builders but I remain to be convinced as I have never met builders who arrive early, did not unload a kettle and mugs as the first thing and then turned down an offer of brews until their lunch break!!!!  They have been at it all day and have managed to knock down a gap in the bedroom wall for the new door, brick up the old door, started on the floors and begun the new entrance.  Most impressive.


It looks like we will be the ones slowing them down on current form as we have yet to buy the new tiles or find a carpenter to put in the door.  The plumber has given us clear direction on what he needs so we will be out sorting that all out over the next few days, buying sinks, showers, taps etc, the fun just never stops.

On the outside, it seems that Spring has arrived (after a quick snow shower on Friday).  The blossom has started to appear much to Martine’s joy as she can now head out into the wilds of the estate to start sorting the place out.  I see more work with the pick axe and hoe coming my way.

The problem is that spring arrived last week and my two apricot trees blossomed in a fit of enthusiasm (see header pic). I have spent this weekend covering them each night and uncovering them each morning to try to avoid all the blossom being frozen off the branches! Hopefully enough will have survived to give us some fruit this year! There are wild violets everywhere and some primroses…lovely!


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