A Sunny Day

A sunny day makes all the difference. We have put away our wetsuits and gone back to work. The tyre serpent is nearly done (Dave would not let me take a photo until finished) and the tyre swing is up…it took four reties until George was happy with how it swung!


I still have to go back to the tyre dealer (who already thinks I am mad) to ask for more tyres as it appears that rolling a tyre down a steep slope is far more fun than either a serpent or a swing and would be even better if there were enough tyres to race. HMMMM…

The header photo is our blackthorn (sloe) blossom which bodes well for our sloe gin this year. Not sure if our apricot trees made it through the cold/wet snap without damage though, only time will tell.

We watched James May’s Bideford to Barnstaple hornby train race on the TV last night…George and Dave now want to set up a similar track from here to the beach. When I pointed out that we might have to choose between buying that much track and eating, neither of them even blinked…they even know which trains they would race. I am not letting either of them watch the lego house episode!!



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