Donkey wins!

Yes! Temporarily at least! Meg has just phoned to say a man she knows has a donkey needing a new home so we are going to talk to him on Tuesday! How excited am I?! Dave is huffing up and down the kitchen instead! Not excited at all. But we have agreed that maybe a tractor is needed in the bigger scheme of things so we could end up with both after all. Maybe we should see how the donkey copes first before any snap decisions! Dave now threatening to buy a tractor before Tuesday! I have placed a call barr on the Mapp household so Dave can’t phone you for advice Kerry!


8 responses to “Donkey wins!

  1. Visited a very lovely donkey today! His name is Ambrogio. I have written to the Donkey Sanctuary to check out the donkey/oak combination which may mean we cannot have him as oak is poisonous to donkeys and we have just a few of them! If it’s OK we will clean out the stable properly and buy a couple of bales of straw and find a donkey taxi to get him here! (and then look for a companion!) In the meantime the grass is growing apace!

  2. A tractor won’t need looking after when you go away, it’s got to be done. Ferrari make them, how cool is that ?

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