Sorry guys!

Well! Spring has arrived this time! Both Dave and I down to T shirts today whilst outside working in a balmy daytime temperature of 18 degrees! Night time temperatures are down to 8 or 9. We checked the South central UK temperatures and are feeling suitably sorry for you all. Sorry! It is still colder in the house  during the day though! We have done some clearance work on the track below the rental house and have redug the vegetable garden and finished the fencing around it. We planted peas, beans, carrots and sweetcorn today though it will be a long time before it looks very much more than a recently dug weed field!
We have birds all over the place too which is nice..loads of blackbirds and tits, lots of redstarts, jays, nuthatches and HOOPOES! Cool! We have put up birdboxes too but there are so many trees with holes in them that I suspect the birdboxes will not really be needed!
OH! And the builders finished today! It is now down to us to paint before the plumber and electrician return. We should have a house ready to rent by the beginning of May!


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