Having got very excited about hoopoes (seen feeding in the orchard yesterday) the other day we are now excited by first cuckoo calling and by finally having identified our latest, very noisy visitor as a hobby. Unffortunately these birds are mainly heard but not seen…they have learnt to stay hidden after so many years of being randomly shot over here. I cannot understand why these men ( they are all men I am afraid) have this need to shoot anything that moves, especially as there is no intention of doing anything with it when shot. Perhaps they should be made to collect and eat their prey, feathers and all, that might put them off!
George has been at the hammer and nails again so we now have a smart bee house as well as birdboxes!


3 responses to “Birds

  1. Ah I shall have to look on a proper computer – the header photos don’t appear on my blackberry… Cx

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