Holiday at last

Well we finally did it and took a time off from the hustle and bustle of painting, cutting the grass and general work around the houses to head away to Tuscany for the weekend. We had a great time staying in a lovely Agriturismo called Podere Alberese with Adrianna, Martine’s grandmother. Martine had been before (when I was away on one of my sunshine tours) and had been raving about it so it was great to see and experience it for myself.  Over the three days we did the usual touristy stuff visiting a number of hilltop towns, enjoying the spring sunshine rather than the summer heatwaves.


Given George was taking a day of school we decided to continue his home education with a visit to Cortona which has a number of Etruscan Tombs and Museum and bizarelly enough he was quite interested so maybe a visit to Pompei will be sooner rather than later. Martine and I on the other hand felt the cuisine and wine tasting should be part of the holiday and discovered a great new dish similar to Gnochi called Gnuddi!!!  Given I was driving (the sun glasses should give it away), Martine managed to perfect the wine tasting finding a great white but then forgeting its name when we got home. Looks like we will have to go back again!!!


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