No, not us, we are not vegetables yet…..though sometimes I feel it won’t be long.
Having spent a lovely week with my Mum and Tony we took them to Rome, spent a lovely few hours at Ostia, dropped them off and then drove home. On the way home we picked up some veg….15 kilos of aubergines, 12 of tomatoes, 15 of courgettes and 10 of broad beans….all for 30 euros. Luckily it rained the next day and Martine the domestic goddess made tomato sauce, put aubergines under oil and persuaded George to help shell broad beans. Today it was courgettes under oil and, at Ali’s suggestion, have made ratatouille. Still have about 8 kilos of each veg left….anyone got any ideas?!?! Off to buy more jars on Monday!
At the other end of the spectrum we have got planting…all sorts of seeds and seedlings have gone into the ground so that in 2-3 months the veg mountains will be home grown I hope!
The jungle is growing fast, the need for a tractor / donkey decision is becoming more urgent I feel. We strim, we go to sleep, we wake up, it looks as though we have not strimmed! Argh!


9 responses to “Vegetables

  1. I had forgotten how easy ratatouille was to make.. The trick is to make it then leave it overnight for the flavours to really develop. We froze some and had the rest for lunch with fresh made ciabatta…lovely!
    The aubergines under oil are fantastic too; time consuming to do but really good! Slice aubergines, Brush them generously with olive oil, griddle or grill them (I griddled), pack them tightly into jars and top up with oil. We had some left over so put them in a pot in the fridge and then ate them for lunch with a bit of salt and fresh bread…again, lovely!

  2. You have got me started, anything that can go in oil is in danger! It won’t be as tasty done in England though I’m sure.

  3. Julian,a tractor may be needed but Dave is being very slow about obtaining one! Meanwhile I am trying to decide if a donkey or goats are a better bet! And both are cheaper and easier to find so I reckon I might still be the winner! Chickens have arrived already! Dave now wants to know where they are in the pecking order (no pun intended) compared to him…still dreaming of someone being lower down than him!

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