Pig Trouble

Having been absent for a while it appears that our Pig is back and with a number of small ones in tow. I say appears, as we have not actually seen it/them but the evidence is quite compelling, footprints aside. They have been digging through the numerous leaf piles around the house scattering the debris everywhere and doing an excellent job of farrowing, only in the wrong places. How George was not woken up the other night remains a mystery given the destruction they have caused just outside his window on the terrace. Unfortunately the picture does not do the havoc justice but proves we are not making it up. The hog damage is the dirt ploughed bits for those trying to see what is wrong.


The biggest crime of all, however, took place in the orchard where they took to digging around the roots of all our recently planted fruit trees and even knocked down (more like dug up and dragged around, M) a Pear tree and started eating the tree. As you can imagine Martine was not at all impressed, she then spent the afternoon digging in a good old wire defensive perimeter any Sandhurst Colour Sergeant would be proud of around all the trees in the pouring rain (yes it has been raining every day for the past 5 days here). Luckily to date the hogs have not got into the vegetable garden despite a number of attempts and I believe if they do then home grown cingiale Salami could appear on the menu. (As I have said before, love of wildlife only goes so far! M)


3 responses to “Pig Trouble

  1. Perhaps they’re looking for truffles ! Sounds like rashers for breakfast soon…..

    • Problem is, they must have eaten all the truffles by now and we haven’t seen them yet….only the damage they have done! Anyone got any good ideas for a pig trap? Mind you, bearing in mind the size of the one we saw when we first arrived I’m not sure I fancy the trainers job!! Mx

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