At last we have made our first foray into the world of keeping livestock (if chickens count) and got ourselves four egg laying chickens (Nera, Octavia, Cleopatra & Antonia). Whilst I was focussed on the debate about Lamborghini tractors versus grey donkeys, Martine snuck the chicken purchase in during a visit to our local farm co-operative. Not being caught completely unawares, I thought I would at least have a week to sort out the hen house and perches but oh no, the very helpful man said we could have them “subito” two days later. So I have finally been able to put my resettlement carpentery skills to work building various hen products (using some very antiquated tools as I was not allowed to upgrade to a cordless drill/screwdriver – how is a man supposed to work!!!). The man works well I feel…notice the natty conversion of a hedgehog cage into chicken nestboxes!!(see header photo) Mx

So the hens are now in one of the stable rooms and seem to be very settled with all my home made furnishings. So settled in fact that today we were graced with our first egg:


Martine has now been into Ascoli to discover the cheapest places to buy straw (I sense an ulterior motive here) and wood shavings, piling them all into the back of my poor car.

So to recap: hens in, no decision on tractor/donkey, no power tools and my Volvo has been turned into a farm vehicle.


7 responses to “Chickens

  1. Ah, but spoken like people who have never seen a tractor at work! Nothing like watching a Fordson Major at work for appreciating why a professional farmer’s first purchase is grey, warm and massively productive 24/7; just needs oil and diesel.

    Dave-I look forward to either admiring your recently acquired tractor, or accompanying you on recce trips to complete your purchase!!

  2. Yes Dave, it’s your imagination! Pups are doing very well thanks, I will email some pics soon, we can deliver one to you in October if you like! A x

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