Free Range

For the past ten days the chickens have been sitting in their chicken house happily passing the time of day and not venturing out into the nice stockade I had built (for their protection), even when we tried to entice them out. Then all of a sudden, whilst Martine was sitting under a tree nearby reading a book Nera decided to take off and fly the coop. Luckily she was only interested in getting beyond the enclosure and not out of the garden completely, but that was it and she was soon followed by the others all who now wanted to see the outside world. As a result the stockade is down and they are strolling the orchard as they please, loving this new found freedom. They are a little strange though as they follow you around the orchard and have even been tempted to follow Martine down the steps to the house. The two cats have also discovered them, with Tabs being slightly more wary. She can often be seen standing on her two back legs ala Meerkat peering over the steps to see if it is safe to go into the orchard. Coba on the other hand strolls through and gives them that “if I was’nt feed so well you would be on the menu” look.


So now they are running free, hopefully it will lead to an increase in egg production (in a place we can find them) and not cherry flavoured eggs as they seem to like the cherries that have fallen to the ground. Soon be time for cherry picking.


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