Quiet Sunday Stroll

Following the arrival of Julian, Char and the kids the day before, we decided that a short gentle stroll through the mountains up to Rifugio Paci on Monte Piselli for a small lunch was in order thus allowing Julian to recover from his mammoth drive in a quiet leisurely manner. After a check on the weather (it having been a little wet of late) and a quick confirmation that the Rifugio would be able to host eight at such short notice we began our walk starting at Colle San Marco following a path with historical links to the Italian Partisans of 1943 called the Il sentiero della memoria. Winding our way up through the woods we were able to see the new dump of snow that had hit the Sibillini Mountains the day before (yes at the end of May!!! which is most unusual we have been reliably informed). Luckily we were not affected by such weather conditions and with the children out front leading the way and the prospect of a bite to eat getting ever closer we gradually made our way up the mountain. On arrival at the Rifugio it soon became apparent that a quiet lunch was but a dream as a chicane had been set up right outside the Rifugio for a car rally that was taking place racing from Colle San Marco to just past the Rifugio. Well the two elder boys (Julian and I) were in our element. The next two hours was spent watching cars of all different makes racing up the hill and then dashing into the Rifugio to eat our lunch.

Car Race 3

Car Race 2

It soon became apparent that the staff at the Rifugio had worked us out, as the courses were so well spaced and seemed to coincide with the gaps in the racing. This was most fortunate given that we were once again treated to an excellent meal with a huge selection of anti pasti and primi (first course) that the thought of a main course could not be entertained. We did however try the digestivo which went down rather well. As you can imagine, the walk down the mountain was a slightly more sedate pace.

So our anticpated quiet stroll which wasn’t provided entertainment for all. We now look forward to the main race that takes place at the end of June but at least this time we are prepared.


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