Guess Who!!

Isn’t she beautiful?!
With George now safely ensconced in England (thanks to Catherine and Rob who were brave enough to take on the travel experiment) we have moved onto some of the more challenging tasks around the land. Last weekend everybody started telling us that summer would start on Wednesday….and start it did! How do they know? It is over 30 degrees each day now! And with our new solar water panel installed on the roof of the Casetta our first challange was to trim the walnut tree that was shading it. So with Health & safety being everyones business, the cutter (no names to protect the innocent) climbed the tree fitted with climbing harness and ropes and set about trimming said tree. A short while later once all trimming was done and with one very large branch perched precariously on the roof, the cutter descended safe and sound. It was then time to cut the branches into more manageable sizes to be transported. There was no need for a chainsaw as the handsaw had recently had a new blade added and it was much more manageable in the confined space. So challenge two was now under way and within five minutes all other projects had to stop as the call for a plaster and bandage was heard coming from the pile of branches (pictures not included due to younger viewers). Fortunately all limbs were still attached but an index finger is now on light duties for the next few days. Now the challenge!! Guess who did what?


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