Timetable change…

Finally we have understood the siesta. On holiday here we never really quite got it at all. Now we do. When you are working, especially outside, it just is not possible to continue above a certain amount of time above a certain temperature. When I let the chickens out at 8 this morning it was already 30 degrees. It wAs hotter as we were collecting cherries and pruning the trees so we decided discretion was the better part of valour, copied the chickens and retired to the shade of the trees for a sit down! I have spent the last hour swinging gently in the breeze in a hammock chair (kindly brought over by Char and Julian) and I feel much better for it! So! Looks like we will be up earlier to catch the cool air and retiring at lunch time for a couple of hours before the afternoon shift…we are going native!


3 responses to “Timetable change…

  1. Are you having so many siestas that there is no time to post a new item? Or is it just to hot to type?! Cx

    • Cheeky wotsit! The team has been split over the last few weeks and does not function as efficiently….actually, I have been working so hard in their absence that I have REALLY not had time to post! And it still looks like a jungle!

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