Race Day

I realise that I am a fortnight late with this but I do have an excuse, even if it seems a tad weak (I have been away on a sort of holiday). Well after a wet practice day on the Saturday the race day itself was gloriously sunny and hot (I know this as we walked from the house all the way up the mountain to our view point). The mix of cars was quite amazing, ranging from the classic Fiat 500’s

Back Again

to the sleeker racing cars


Having found our view point and been warned by the over enthusiastic steward that the cars would be going very fast past us (really !?) we settled ourselves down to an afternoon of great racing. Having situated ourselves at the end of a straight leading into a corner we were able to see the cars scream up and then brake into the corner with some doing it better than others it must be said:

Brakes Work

As would be expected it was not to be the Fiat 127 nor the mini that won the race but a more customised machine that run 3rd last therby maintain the excitement to the bitter end.

The Winner

A great day and one to put in the diary for all those petrol head friends we have for next year. But we will be walking again as the traffic down was horrendous!!



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