Nearly lost one…

Tabs, our beautiful and generally well behaved tabby cat came in looking very sad a couple of nights ago and slept. No eating, which is really worrying coming from her, just slept and coughed a bit. I thought she had eaten one too many mice (although her preferred prey are snakes and lizards, Coba is the mouser) and scraped her throat with a bone or two but eventually tracked down two little pinprick holes in the top of her head. One close encounter too many with the wrong kind of snake…this one definately vipera and not serpente. Anyway, after not a little worrying on my part, she seems to have recovered. It does serve to remind us that they are there, even if we have not seen any. It’s a good look, wellingtons and shorts!!!


One response to “Nearly lost one…

  1. Poor Tabs – are you sure they will all have been eaten by the chooks by October!!! (The snakes that is!)

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