The chickens are in the compost heap, still alive and scratching I hasten to add, but in the compost heap. After having replanted the flowers outside the rental house five times yesterday and having built fort knox around it I find myself somewhat relieved it has to be said. Especially as our first guests arrive in the Casetta in two weeks and I need the chickens to have got over their fascination with the place by then! Luckily, Ingela, Jens, Stella and Finja are staying with us at the moment and Stella has been shepherding the chickens away on a regular basis, otherwise I might have gone completely mad and the chickens may well have been in the compost heap but in a different format. Only joking.
Yes, we are nearly ready and a very old army friend and his family is the one brave enough to be our first guest! ( no, he is not very old, he is a very old friend…!) Dave and Jens are working like 10 men (really) to get the pergola under the kiwi vine so that guests over 3 feet can also walk around out there. These builders are really good! pictures will follow, I promise!


One response to “Compost…

  1. How exciting, first real guests! However you will never stop the chooks from rooting in the flower beds!!
    Love to all A xx
    (Can’t wait til we see you in October)

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