The arrival of Jens, Ingela and the kids meant one thing, I was about to undertake some serious manual labour. Luckily (or so I thought) I was able to select the project so I thought the build of the Pergola under the Kiwi Tree would be ideal. After all, I had a plan and had already started it so it shouldn’t take too long!!!


Jens had other ideas to my schedule and we were soon stripping out the metal frame that was holding up the Kiwi and placing supports all over the place to hold the plant up before setting about digging the holes for the 4 metre high pillars as we sent Martine and Ingela to collect said pillars from the wood merchant. There followed four more days of frantic activity and hard graft as we built the pergola using my antiquated tools. I was glad to see that I was not the only hard worker for the occasion as Jens managed to persuade his two children and Ingela to help sift sand for the cement and then move the stones to finish of the patio area. A week (and some new tools) later and we have an excellent construction that makes the Kiwi area much lighter and a great place for the guest house. Many thanks to all the Pergola team for all their hard work, although my muscles were not as appreciative as they might have been!



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