Tonight we sat out and watched the Perseids….lots of shooting stars, some big enough to appear to have tails! George came out too for a while but too early to see very many unfortunately before he got cold (!) We last watched this phenomenom in Ghiffa, at a much better neck angle, a couple of years ago but it does not lose it’s fascination.
We were accompanied in our watching by the wittering of our resident edible dormice. They seem to be resident in the roof of the Casetta at the moment- must remember to warn guests- anyway, there is one less now. Tabs seems to have caught one, unusual, as she usually leaves all the hard work catching things bits of being a cat to Coba. Dave is presently trying to persuade her to take it outside but apparently she is “busy throwing it in the air and doing magic tricks with it”
I cannot decide whether to retire to bed in disgust or go back outside and watch stars.


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