La Casetta

Yes we can now say that work on La Casetta is complete and thanks to Tony (an old friend of Martine’s) and his family who volunteered to be the guinea pigs it has been tested and given the thumbs up.



The last few weeks of July proved a litle fraught as we tried to get the finishing touches to the house done in time for Tony. Having completed the Pergola (see previous article), it was time to concentrate on the inside with finding a bed proving the greatest challenge. We could not find anything that was not made from formica or metal anywhere. I then tried the good old internet, only to discover that internet shopping in Italy is different. Once I had ordered the item, they then wanted a copy of my passport, credit card, fiscal code and probably all sets of great grandparents in attendance when it was delivered had I decided to continue with the purchase. Luckily we then found a more normal site who offered to deliver within 5 days and kept their promise thankfully, or we would have had to have moved back onto the camping mattresses to put our bed in La Casetta. We still had to await the arrival of Solange and James (the day before Tony) to assist with getting the last bits done – nothing last last


Living Area

Master Bedroom

Twin Bedroom

We are now in a position to start marketing it for next year once we have unravelled any local bureacracy which is bound to exist.

So our thanks go to all our friends who have helped us with this project to get it ready by this summer. We hope you have enjoyed your involvement and work will be starting on the garage house in early 2014 so book early to avoid disappointment.


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