Back to Work

So as our last friends abandoned us for blighty we no longer had any more excuses and it was back to work for us. John has kindly left me to complete installing the sink outside the backdoor, a task (as I have discovered) which is not as easy as I first thought given the weight of the sink but one I am working through. Martine has been working the land as She tries to get the last bit of produce out for the summer before she focuses on the winter vegetables. We have decided that this summer was not as productive as we had initially hoped and a new vegetable strategy needs to be implemented. It starts with me digging up and turning over the old vegetable garden and adding in some home grown manure courtesy of our donkey, yes Martine got there first and we have a donkey:


I now know where the words stubborn as a mule came from as he has a mind of his own and is proving a little harder to train than we first thought. Will he be up to carrying the chestnuts down the hill in a months time we ask ourselves??? However, I am glad to say that the arrival of the donkey has not ended the tractor debate and I am still in with a shout as although he is doing a good job of cutting the grass he cannot manage all of it.

You will be glad to hear that it has not all been work/work/work and we have managed to get a few afternoons in down at the beach just to keep the tan going.

Its all about the life work balance apparently!!! which was going quite nicely until we had a call from our friendly neighbour at 3pm on friday asking if we could host an english couple for the weekend and if we could they would be with us in half an hour. Teach us not to sort things out after the kids had stayed in La Cassetta for their sleepover as we spent a frantic 30mins getting things sorted. Fortunately it seems to have worked itself out and they enjoyed their visit and have promised to tell others!!!


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