Animal Feet

No this is not some new recipe we have discovered but more an activity that has kept us pre-occupied for the past few weeks (wish I could say this was the reason for having not blogged for ages but sadly not). It all started with Ambrogio (picture for thoose who can’t remember who that is),


who managed to get an abcess on his front hoof. We found him one morning hobbling around his stabe with a very sorry look on his face and having no idea what the matter was as he would not let us anywhere near his hoof, we started looking for a vet – easier said than done. After hunting around for a while and then been placed on hold for a couple of days by one vet (good job it wasn’t an emergency) we finally found an excellent vet who came to look at the poor donkey. 10 mins later and having managed to look at all of Ambrogio’s hooves without any problems or being kicked we had the diagnosis, an abcess. He then set about bandaging up the injured hoof saying nonchalantly as he was doing so that we needed to do this twice a day and put the hoof on a pot of salted water once the bandaging was done – you try getting a donkey to put a hoof in a bowl of water and keeping it there!!! He then went on to tell us how to treat such an ailment without having to resort to 100’s of drugs and antibiotics which was rather reassuring. Well a week later and Ambrogio was cured and we had mastered bandaging a hoof without too much damage, to us that is. Sorry we didn’t get any photos, very remiss of me I know.

Well would you believe it when a couple of days later George noticed that one of the chickens was hobbling along. Using our new found knowledge we had a look at said chickens’ feet and hey presto another abcess but this one was a little worse and on both feet. So a quick trip down to the pet shop for another load of salts and bandages (and a strange look from the staff who couldnt understand why we were making such a fuss over a chicken!!!) and it was time to work on poor Antonia’s feet. She has now been walking around with some neatly bandaged feet (which I did get a picture of) as we try to heal them. Unfortunately it is very difficult to sort out chicken feet as they constantly use them to dig up grubs and soil so two weeks on and we are still in bandages.


P.S. As far as I know the cats paws are OK but I thought I had better include a photo for animal completeness


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